Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Brunch with Erica!

As a somewhat new tradition, three of my girlfriends and I go out to brunch on Sundays. This started pretty much directly after I stopped working Sunday brunches at my job, thus leaving me free to enjoy them instead of stress over them. Erica, Stacey, Kristen, and I picked out some really great places to eat, including Lula, Yolk, Meli, and many others.

One Sunday, however, Kristen and Stacey couldn't make it (they were moving from their old apartment into a new one, faaancyyy!), so Erica and I decided to just have brunch together at her place. Since Erica and I both adore cooking/baking, and even have discussed opening shop together sometime in the future, needless to say we had an amazing brunch.

Here are two pictures from our glorious meal (I suggest clicking them to view the full-sized deliciousness):

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it really was as good as it seems. What you are seeing here is real proof that Erica and I don't mess around with brunch. And yes, Erica's place really is that cute :)

Erica baked that lovely strawberry rhubarb coffee cake, and together we made a vegetarian fritata out of eggs (this one was mostly egg whites but with a few whole eggs as well), goat cheese, basil, a million spices and seasonings, asparagus spears, tomato, onions, and other fabulous things. I don't have an exact recipe for the fritata because we didn't really use a I'm sure any fritata recipe you wanted to use is just fine! Get creative with ingredients...we used asparagus because it was looking *so good* that week! Also, we cut up/sauteed rainbow baby potatoes and seasoned them with rosemary and a little sea salt.

The coffee cake was the best I've ever had, ever...regardless of the fact that it was totally gluten-free! I swear she has magic that she bakes into her creations. Erica discusses the recipe in her blog:
Un Petit Oiseau.


  1. That looks great, brunch is always the bomb. I love how well presented your food always is, too. My posts could probably benefit from a camera that's younger than the year 2000, but I'm cheap.

  2. My camera isn't even that young, really! Erica's house just had really good lighting and I'm mildly obsessed with food-presentation...I swear it tastes better when it looks pretty.