Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Pease excuse my absence (and bad jokes!)

So as Laura said, I up and left Chicago for New York City (tear!!!) and now I live in Brooklyn. Things are getting set up and organized still, so that's why I haven't been posting very much...not to mention I haven't been cooking the most epic of dinners upon moving in quite yet. I plan to have some pictures of this insane curry I made the other day up soon, though.

In the mean time, I came across a cute little picture I forgot to post!

This is from my last day of work at Uncommon Ground; a freshly harvested little pea pod. It was so sweet and delicious; I'm glad I documented it before savoring each of those little peas with closed eyes.

If you want to read about Uncommon Ground's rooftop farm, here is their blog - maintained by the lovely Natalie Pfister.

More informative and interesting entries soon, I promise!

much love from the BK,

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