Sunday, September 6, 2009

Meal Medly

I've been at home in Waukesha, WI this past week at my parents' house regrouping before I head off to school again. Since all of my high-school pals have already left, I've had pretty free evenings, and have been cooking a lot of dinners entirely from scratch (and oil-free for my dad, which has been a creative challenge). I've been seeing how many different ways I can dress an excess of zucchini, tomatoes, and flour. I don't remember enough of what I did to write a bunch of recipes, but here's a few that I at least remembered to take pictures of:

Whole wheat gnocchi with garden tomato sauce and reduced balsamic
Shredded zucchini with cilantro spinach pesto
Red leaf salad with raspberry vinagrette

Tofu "caprese" pizza
Zucchini and winter squash pizza

Potato and summer squash soup
Tomato stuffed with snowpeas and salad beans with reduced balsamic and pesto
Whole wheat caraway bread

Whole wheat pita with coriander chutney and hummus
Winter Squash and chickpea falafel
Pea and potato curry
Braising greens with tomato and garlic


  1. these look sooo tasty. how did you make the falafel without oil?

  2. ps when we open our cafe, you are in charge of food and i'll be the coffee/baker. deal?

  3. You bake it! The outside gets dry and crunchy ad the inside stays soft. It obviously doesn't have quite the same texture as pan-fried falafel, but they were still pretty good.

    p.s. Deal, totally. Haha, when are we moving to portland again?

  4. The cold pizza I'm eating suddenly doesn't look so desirable :-/ Awesome cooking!

  5. Do you have a recipe to share for the shredded zuchini with pesto? That looks amazing. Beautiful, beautiful photos.

  6. Love this post! We are in the Twin Cities - can you come cook for our office? Ha! Joking, but great ideas and the food looks awesome. We are actually doing "Eat Local" week on our site this week - you can check it out at