Friday, July 9, 2010

Myrtle Glen Farm

Hey, everyone! I promised adventures and I intend to make good on that. I have recently embarked on a journey across the country, as I have decided to move to Oregon. I am working on Myrtle Glen Farm for the summer! I've just finished up my first week here, and it's been quite an experience. Unfortunately I don't have a whole ton of pictures, but I will share what I do have, and I promise to update weekly!

This is the geodesic dome/yurt that I am living in. It's nestled under a couple of large pines and is a great living space. It's been a little chilly at night here, but I came prepared with sleeping bags and blankets, so it's been comfy.

There are banana slugs everywhere.

This is the wall of the cellar. Pretty neat, right? The first work I was given was grouting this tile, which is something I really enjoyed. I like being given the opportunity to learn new and useful things, which is something that arises often on a small homestead like this one.

And of course the food has been great. During the work week, we eat every meal communally. The amount of things that are preserved and canned is quite amazing. Oregon has had quite an odd spring (aka very cold and wet), which has slowed down a lot of the crops that would be coming on right now. Consequently, we're still eating up last year's preserves instead of fresh blackberries. But within the next couple of weeks things will really start to boom, as it has finally kicked into the hot season.

On the fourth of July, we drove out to the coast to Bandon Beach and hunt out there pretty much all day. Aaron loves to rock climb and took full advantage of the rocky coastline.

Marissa enjoyed the sun and the sand.

I nearly stepped in a jellyfish. That would have been very painful.

There's a lot of natural beauty in this area, and there will be more to see in the next two months. In the mean time, I'll ty to document more of the farm while I'm working dawn 'till dusk.

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