Sunday, September 19, 2010


FIRST of all, hi - I haven't forgotten about Peas and Petals, this summer has just been absolutely insane. I have been working for Transportation Alternatives (more on that later), traveling to Wisconsin and Chicago for a month, roller skating (not blading) every day since July (more on that later, too), and I'm finally back for a whole new school year that has already started to be 10x better than last year. I have an easier time in classes (which is funny because the course material is actually harder...), I have my dream internship/field placement (seriously. what I always wished for!), and I am eating every day up in this lovely city by just being out, about, with friends, involved. Including this weekend, which was awesome. And then, today as a close friend and I decided to get brunch on our slow-moving Sunday morning, I realized upon my first bite of my dish that I have officially found my favorite restaurant in Brooklyn.

Yes, the entire borough.
...Eat is the restaurant I wish I was always eating at.

Eat uses local, organic, directly purchased produce (NE region) in all of their food. All of the dishes are seasonal, the restaurant itself is VERY sustainable (i.e. almost no waste - the napkins are all cloth, portions filling but not overkill, etc.), and they even sell hand-made goods like beeswax candles, wood cutting boards, and house-made loaves of bread. Their menu changes very, very often and is filled with amazing dishes at EXTREMELY affordable prices.

I am obsessed with this place and I want to take every single person I know to it! Here is some eye-candy of Eat to hopefully portray the cozy, comfy, delicious, warm, and aromatic feel to this place. It is SO lovely.

cute silver ware/napkins/ceramics holding our water, jam, and tea

broccoli fennel soup with collard greens(?)

whole wheat house made egg noodles with summer vegetables and swiss chard

Eat's interior - we were one of the first people after they opened today. Note the peppers drying out in there!

concord grape sage (cold) tea, salt, and water.

whole wheat blueberry tart with rhubarb jam (not pictured)
(more photos here!)

I really hope Eat is around for years and years and years (okay, forever) to come. This place rules, it is basically the restaurant I wish I opened (if I ever opened a restaurant), and everyone needs to experience what simplicity can taste like. I'll just tell you - it tastes like perfection.

I hope you all are having a nice last few (official) days of summer...get out there while you can, but get ready for fall. Cider and apples and pumpkins and pies await!!!


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