Monday, January 10, 2011

I know I made promises...

... about an upcoming post, and I will keep them, I swear! It's a long one about me and the who/what/when/where/why/how of my eating vegan, so I will have a handy place to direct people when they ask me the dreadful question. It's nearly done!

In the mean time, I have some exciting news to share. After the end of my WWOOFing endeavors in late october and my failure to find a job on Portland, I decided to stop beating around the bush and apply for 2011 full-season apprenticeships on organic vegetable farms, and lo and behold, I got the one I most coveted! Starting in March I will be working for Blue Fox Farm in Applegate, OR.

I am excited to do this; while I have a lot of experience gardening, I've never been involved in an operation of this scale before, and I am specifically interested in getting to know farm systems and management. I'll also get to sell at Market, which is another big plus. I will be participating in Rogue Farm Corps, which adds another educational component to the experience. The Rogue and Applegate Valleys are littered with small organic farms and a great bunch of people participating in that lifestyle, so I'm very much looking forward to living in a place with active and engaging agro-community members. Nearby Ashland and Grants Pass are also neat places to go when in need of some civilization.

I'll be spending less time at the beach than I did when I was in Coquille, but I will also be a lot busier, learning a lot more about business, and getting a lot more paid (as in, at all) as well. I'm looking forward to meeting my fellow interns and having more things to post here about my life in farming than I have in this off-season.

Oh winter, I'm so close to being done with you.


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  2. Hi there Laura and Leanne! My name is Alex and I work for a specialty produce company that sells exotic fruits and vegetables to grocery stores all over the country. I am not sure if you are near any Metro Markets, Rainbow Foods, Pick 'n Save or Copps stores but I wanted to let you guys know about a Produce 101 event they are all hosting on Saturday 5/19. They will be sampling Persimmons, Lychees and Papaya. I'd love to send you samples and talk about working together leading up to this event. Please email me if you're interested!